Social Media Breakfast

smbmsp-red-mdWelcome to the beginning. Social Media Breakfast is where we started and continues to be the centerpiece of our local events series.

Once a month, we bring experts in from a unique industry to talk about how their company or industry is utilizing social media. Whether for customer engagement, customer service, market analysis, or driving traffic to their website or businesses, each viewpoint brings a new perspective to our growing community to learn from.

SMB is the best place to meet, share, and learn with and from peers about social media. We started bringing people face to face in real life almost three years ago and continue as the preeminent social breakfast meetup.

SMBMSP was the second version of  Social Media Breakfast, modeled after the initial event, created by Bryan Person in Boston in 2007.  You can read more about the history of SMBMSP on our History Page.

Interested in sponsoring an event? our Sponsorship Information page has more details.

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