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Since it’s founding, SMBMSP has been a regularly occurring event where like minded folks across the Twin Cities get together to share & learn about social media.

Online membership has grown to over 2,300 professionals from all different disciplines, and many partnerships, jobs, career changes, and friendships have blossomed because of this group’s ability to connect people who enjoy sharing what they know! More »

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Social Media Boombox Episode 3 – Art Allen

You can find new episodes of our podcast every other week. Listen here, on iTunesSoundCloud, or Stitcher.

In this episode we interview Art Allen (@punsultant), proprietor of Modern Antics, a novelty events business that produces such events as The Minnesota Beard-Off, Pundamonium, and Riddle Room.

Hosted by myself (@myklroventine) with Meg Knodl (@DotMeg) and Alena Finsky (@alenafinsky).

Episode sponsor: Muddy Paws Cheesecake
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Video from SMBMSP#77 – The Business of Food Blogging

SMBMSP #77 - More Than a Pic of Your Plate: The Business of Food Blogging, recorded on April 24, 2015 at St. Catherine University in St. Paul, MN.

Panel: Mecca Bos-Williams (City Pages), Maja Ingeman (Heavy Table), Mike Mitchelson (Saint Agnes Baking Co.), Chrissy Taylor (The Taylor House Blog)

Moderator: Chris Lower (Hacking Salt and Sterling Cross Communications)…
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SMBMSP 77 Recap: the Business of Food Blogging



  • Moderator: Chris Lower (@MrChristopherL) of Hacking Salt and Sterling Cross Communications
  • Mecca Bos-Williams (@MeccaBos) of City Pages
  • Maja Ingeman (@Mingeman) of Heavy Table
  • Mike Mitchelson (@mlbmitch) of Saint Agnes Baking Co.
  • Chrissy Taylor (@taylorhouseblog) of The Taylor House Blog

Despite …
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